Meaning of Voice in English | Voice का अर्थ (Voice ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Voice in English

  1. the sound made by the vibration of vocal folds modified by the resonance of the vocal tract
  2. expressing in coherent verbal form
  3. the melody carried by a particular voice or instrument in polyphonic music
  4. something suggestive of speech in being a medium of expression
  5. a sound suggestive of a vocal utterance
  6. the distinctive quality or pitch or condition of a person's speech
  7. the ability to speak
  8. a means or agency by which something is expressed or communicated
  9. (metonymy) a singer
  10. an advocate who represents someone else's policy or purpose
  11. (linguistics) the grammatical relation (active or passive) of the grammatical subject of a verb to the action that the verb denotes
  12. give voice to
  13. utter with vibrating vocal chords
  14. Sound uttered by the mouth, especially that uttered by human beings in speech or song; sound thus uttered considered as possessing some special quality or character; as, the human voice; a pleasant voice; a low voice.
  15. Sound of the kind or quality heard in speech or song in the consonants b, v, d, etc., and in the vowels; sonant, or intonated, utterance; tone;
  16. The tone or sound emitted by anything.
  17. The faculty or power of utterance; as, to cultivate the voice.
  18. Language; words; speech; expression; signification of feeling or opinion.
  19. Opinion or choice expressed; judgment; a vote.
  20. Command; precept;
  21. One who speaks; a speaker.
  22. A particular mode of inflecting or conjugating verbs, or a particular form of a verb, by means of which is indicated the relation of the subject of the verb to the action which the verb expresses.
  23. To give utterance or expression to; to utter; to publish; to announce; to divulge; as, to voice the sentiments of the nation.
  24. To utter with sonant or vocal tone; to pronounce with a narrowed glottis and rapid vibrations of the vocal cords; to speak above a whisper.
  25. To fit for producing the proper sounds; to regulate the tone of; as, to voice the pipes of an organ.
  26. To vote; to elect; to appoint.
  27. To clamor; to cry out.
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