Meaning of Train in English | Train का अर्थ (Train ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Train in English

  1. a sequentially ordered set of things or events or ideas in which each successive member is related to the preceding
  2. a procession (of wagons or mules or camels) traveling together in single file
  3. exercise in order to prepare for an event or competition
  4. create by training and teaching
  5. undergo training or instruction in preparation for a particular role, function, or profession
  6. public transport provided by a line of railway cars coupled together and drawn by a locomotive
  7. piece of cloth forming the long back section of a gown that is drawn along the floor
  8. a series of consequences wrought by an event
  9. wheelwork consisting of a connected set of rotating gears by which force is transmitted or motion or torque is changed
  10. drag loosely along a surface; allow to sweep the ground
  11. teach and supervise (someone); act as a trainer or coach (to), as in sports
  12. point or cause to go (blows, weapons, or objects such as photographic equipment) towards
  13. travel by rail or train
  14. teach or refine to be discriminative in taste or judgment
  15. educate for a future role or function
  16. develop (a child's or animal's) behavior by instruction and practice; especially to teach self-control
  17. cause to grow in a certain way by tying and pruning it
  18. To draw along; to trail; to drag.
  19. To draw by persuasion, artifice, or the like; to attract by stratagem; to entice; to allure.
  20. To teach and form by practice; to educate; to exercise; to discipline; as, to train the militia to the manual exercise; to train soldiers to the use of arms.
  21. To break, tame, and accustom to draw, as oxen.
  22. To lead or direct, and form to a wall or espalier; to form to a proper shape, by bending, lopping, or pruning; as, to train young trees.
  23. To trace, as a lode or any mineral appearance, to its head.
  24. To be drilled in military exercises; to do duty in a military company.
  25. To prepare by exercise, diet, instruction, etc., for any physical contest; as, to train for a boat race.
  26. That which draws along; especially, persuasion, artifice, or enticement; allurement.
  27. Hence, something tied to a lure to entice a hawk; also, a trap for an animal; a snare.
  28. That which is drawn along in the rear of, or after, something; that which is in the hinder part or rear.
  29. That part of a gown which trails behind the wearer.
  30. The after part of a gun carriage; the trail.
  31. The tail of a bird.
  32. A number of followers; a body of attendants; a retinue; a suite.
  33. A consecution or succession of connected things; a series.
  34. Regular method; process; course; order; as, things now in a train for settlement.
  35. The number of beats of a watch in any certain time.
  36. A line of gunpowder laid to lead fire to a charge, mine, or the like.
  37. A connected line of cars or carriages on a railroad.
  38. A heavy, long sleigh used in canada for the transportation of merchandise, wood, and the like.
  39. A roll train; as, a 12-inch train.
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