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Pronunciation of Spring (स्प्रिंग/स्प्रिन्ग) play

Meaning of Spring in hindi

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    Examples and usage of Spring in prose and poetry

    To better understand the meaning of Spring , certain examples of its usage are presented.Examples from famous English prose on the use of the word Spring

  1. " He no longer looked buoyant and rosy-faced; there was no more spring in his step"
  2. - The word/phrase ' Spring' was used by ' J. K. Rowling' in ' Harry potter and the goblet of fire'.
  3. " Harry bent his knees obediently, preparing to spring"
  4. - ' J. K. Rowling' has used the Spring in the novel Harry potter and the goblet of fire .
  5. " He had seen those chains spring to life and bind whoever sat between them"
  6. - - To understand the meaning of Spring, please see the following usage by J. K. Rowling in Harry potter and the order of the phoenix book.

    Usage of " Spring": Examples from famous English Poetry

  7. " As winter melts into liquid spring""
  8. -This term Spring was used by Sara McDermott in the Poem Love poem.
  9. " The song would have ceased when the spring was past""
  10. -This term Spring was used by John McCrae in the Poem A song of comfort.
  11. " She fell away in her first ages spring""
  12. -The brush of your lips lets me know what you Spring"- This term Spring was used by Edmund Spenser in the Poem From 'daphnaida'.

    Usage of " Spring" in sentences

  13. the mating of some species occurs only in the spring
  14. the spring was broken
  15. genius and insanity spring from the same taproot

English to Hindi Dictionary: "Spring"

Raftaar World’s Leading Shabdkosh: Meaning and definitions of Spring, translation of Spring in Hindi language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of Spring in English and in Hindi. Get meaning and translation of Spring in Hindi language with grammar, antonyms, synonyms and sentence usages. what is meaning of Spring in Hindi? Spring ka matalab hindi me kya hai. Spring ka hindi matalab. अँग्रेजी से हिंदी शब्दकोश: "Spring" शब्द के बारे में जानकारी। व्याकरण, विलोम, पर्यायवाची और वाक्य प्रयोग के साथ हिंदी भाषा में "Spring" का अर्थ और अनुवाद जानें। हिंदी में "Spring" का अर्थ क्या है? "Spring" ka matalab hindi me kya hai.

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रफ़्तार आपके लिए लाया है आज का राशिफल (Aaj Ka Rashifal), जो आपके हर सवालों के जवाबों को तुरंत ही देने में मदद करेगा। रफ़्तार पर दैनिक राशिफल पढ़ने वालों की संख्या दिन प्रतिदिन बढ़ती जा रही है और इस सफलता को ध्यान में रखकर ही आपकी सभी दिक्कतों का हल करने का प्रयास हम करते रहते हैं। पाठकों के सकारात्मक ...

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