Meaning of Snub in English | Snub का अर्थ (Snub ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Snub in English

  1. a refusal to recognize someone you know
  2. an instance of driving away or warding off
  3. unusually short
  4. reject outright and bluntly
  5. refuse to acknowledge
  6. To sob with convulsions.
  7. To clip or break off the end of; to check or stunt the growth of; to nop.
  8. To check, stop, or rebuke, with a tart, sarcastic reply or remark; to reprimand; to check.
  9. To treat with contempt or neglect, as a forward or pretentious person; to slight designedly.
  10. A knot; a protuberance; a song.
  11. A check or rebuke; an intended slight.
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