Meaning of Sit in English | Sit का अर्थ (Sit ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Sit in English

  1. serve in a specific professional capacity
  2. show to a seat; assign a seat for
  3. be seated
  4. take a seat
  5. sit and travel on the back of animal, usually while controlling its motions
  6. be in session
  7. assume a posture as for artistic purposes
  8. be located or situated somewhere
  9. be around, often idly or without specific purpose
  10. work or act as a baby-sitter
  11. Obs. 3d pers. sing. pres. of sit, for sitteth.
  12. To rest upon the haunches, or the lower extremity of the trunk of the body;
  13. To perch; to rest with the feet drawn up, as birds do on a branch, pole, etc.
  14. To remain in a state of repose; to rest; to abide; to rest in any position or condition.
  15. To lie, rest, or bear; to press or weigh;
  16. To be adjusted; to fit; as, a coat sts well or ill.
  17. To suit one well or ill, as an act; to become; to befit;
  18. To cover and warm eggs for hatching, as a fowl; to brood; to incubate.
  19. To have position, as at the point blown from; to hold a relative position; to have direction.
  20. To occupy a place or seat as a member of an official body; as, to sit in congress.
  21. To hold a session; to be in session for official business;
  22. To take a position for the purpose of having some artistic representation of one's self made, as a picture or a bust; as, to sit to a painter.
  23. To sit upon; to keep one's seat upon; as, he sits a horse well.
  24. To cause to be seated or in a sitting posture; to furnish a seat to;
  25. To suit (well / ill); to become.
  26. Stuff-it (compressed file extension for macintosh computers)
  27. Stuff-it (compressed file name extension) [macintosh]
  28. Special information tones
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