Meaning of Shrink in English | Shrink का अर्थ (Shrink ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Shrink in English

  1. a physician who specializes in psychiatry
  2. decrease in size, range, or extent
  3. reduce in size; reduce physically
  4. become smaller or draw together
  5. wither, as with a loss of moisture
  6. draw back, as with fear or pain
  7. To wrinkle, bend, or curl; to shrivel; hence, to contract into a less extent or compass; to gather together; to become compacted.
  8. To withdraw or retire, as from danger; to decline action from fear; to recoil, as in fear, horror, or distress.
  9. To express fear, horror, or pain by contracting the body, or part of it; to shudder; to quake.
  10. To cause to contract or shrink; as, to shrink finnel by imersing it in boiling water.
  11. To draw back; to withdraw.
  12. The act shrinking; shrinkage; contraction; also, recoil; withdrawal.
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