Meaning of Shadow in English | Shadow का अर्थ (Shadow ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Shadow in English

  1. something existing in perception only
  2. refuge from danger or observation
  3. an indication that something has been present
  4. a premonition of something adverse
  5. shade within clear boundaries
  6. a dominating and pervasive presence
  7. an inseparable companion
  8. a spy employed to follow someone and report their movements
  9. an unilluminated area
  10. cast a shadow over
  11. make appear small by comparison
  12. follow, usually without the person's knowledge
  13. Shade within defined limits; obscurity or deprivation of light, apparent on a surface, and representing the form of the body which intercepts the rays of light; as, the shadow of a man, of a tree, or of a tower. see the note under shade, n., 1.
  14. Darkness; shade; obscurity.
  15. A shaded place; shelter; protection; security.
  16. A reflected image, as in a mirror or in water.
  17. That which follows or attends a person or thing like a shadow; an inseparable companion; hence, an obsequious follower.
  18. A spirit; a ghost; a shade; a phantom.
  19. An imperfect and faint representation; adumbration; indistinct image; dim bodying forth; hence, mystical representation; type.
  20. A small degree; a shade.
  21. An uninvited guest coming with one who is invited.
  22. To cut off light from; to put in shade; to shade; to throw a shadow upon; to overspead with obscurity.
  23. To conceal; to hide; to screen.
  24. To protect; to shelter from danger; to shroud.
  25. To mark with gradations of light or color; to shade.
  26. To represent faintly or imperfectly; to adumbrate; hence, to represent typically.
  27. To cloud; to darken; to cast a gloom over.
  28. To attend as closely as a shadow; to follow and watch closely, especially in a secret or unobserved manner; as, a detective shadows a criminal.
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