Meaning of Row in English | Row का अर्थ (Row ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Row in English

  1. propel with oars
  2. the act of rowing as a sport
  3. (construction) a layer of masonry
  4. an angry dispute
  5. a continuous chronological succession without an interruption
  6. a linear array of numbers, letters, or symbols side by side
  7. an arrangement of objects or people side by side in a line
  8. a long continuous strip (usually running horizontally)
  9. Rough; stern; angry.
  10. A noisy, turbulent quarrel or disturbance; a brawl.
  11. A series of persons or things arranged in a continued line; a line; a rank; a file; as, a row of trees; a row of houses or columns.
  12. To propel with oars, as a boat or vessel, along the surface of water; as, to row a boat.
  13. To transport in a boat propelled with oars; as, to row the captain ashore in his barge.
  14. To use the oar; as, to row well.
  15. To be moved by oars; as, the boat rows easily.
  16. The act of rowing; excursion in a rowboat.
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