Meaning of Rector in English | Rector का अर्थ (Rector ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Rector in English

  1. a person authorized to conduct religious worship
  2. A ruler or governor.
  3. A clergyman who has the charge and cure of a parish, and has the tithes, etc.; the clergyman of a parish where the tithes are not impropriate. see the note under vicar.
  4. A clergyman in charge of a parish.
  5. The head master of a public school.
  6. The chief elective officer of some universities, as in france and scotland; sometimes, the head of a college; as, the rector of exeter college, or of lincoln college, at oxford.
  7. The superior officer or chief of a convent or religious house; and among the jesuits the superior of a house that is a seminary or college.
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