Meaning of Pouch in English | Pouch का अर्थ (Pouch ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Pouch in English

  1. an enclosed space
  2. swell or protrude outwards
  3. a small or medium size container for holding or carrying things
  4. (anatomy) saclike structure in any of various animals (as a marsupial or gopher or pelican)
  5. put into a small bag
  6. send by special mail that goes through diplomatic channels
  7. A small bag; usually, a leathern bag; as, a pouch for money; a shot pouch; a mail pouch, etc.
  8. That which is shaped like, or used as, a pouch
  9. A protuberant belly; a paunch;
  10. A sac or bag for carrying food or young; as, the cheek pouches of certain rodents, and the pouch of marsupials.
  11. A cyst or sac containing fluid.
  12. A silicle, or short pod, as of the shepherd's purse.
  13. A bulkhead in the hold of a vessel, to prevent grain, etc., from shifting.
  14. To put or take into a pouch.
  15. To swallow;
  16. To pout.
  17. To pocket; to put up with.
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