Meaning of Piece in English | Piece का अर्थ (Piece ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Piece in English

  1. create by putting components or members together
  2. to join or unite the pieces of
  3. join during spinning
  4. eat intermittently; take small bites of
  5. a work of art of some artistic value
  6. game equipment consisting of an object used in playing certain board games
  7. a portable gun
  8. a serving that has been cut from a larger portion
  9. an instance of some kind
  10. a musical work that has been created
  11. an artistic or literary composition
  12. a distance
  13. a separate part of a whole
  14. an item that is an instance of some type
  15. a share of something
  16. a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition
  17. repair by adding pieces
  18. a portion of a natural object
  19. A fragment or part of anything separated from the whole, in any manner, as by cutting, splitting, breaking, or tearing; a part; a portion; as, a piece of sugar; to break in pieces.
  20. A definite portion or quantity, as of goods or work; as, a piece of broadcloth; a piece of wall paper.
  21. Any one thing conceived of as apart from other things of the same kind; an individual article; a distinct single effort of a series; a definite performance
  22. A literary or artistic composition; as, a piece of poetry, music, or statuary.
  23. A musket, gun, or cannon; as, a battery of six pieces; a following piece.
  24. A coin; as, a sixpenny piece;
  25. A fact; an item; as, a piece of news; a piece of knowledge.
  26. An individual;
  27. One of the superior men, distinguished from a pawn.
  28. A castle; a fortified building.
  29. To make, enlarge, or repair, by the addition of a piece or pieces; to patch; as, to piece a garment;
  30. To unite; to join; to combine.
  31. To unite by a coalescence of parts; to fit together; to join.
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