Meaning of POUNCE in English | POUNCE का अर्थ (POUNCE ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Pounce in English

  1. the act of pouncing
  2. move down on as if in an attack
  3. A fine powder, as of sandarac, or cuttlefish bone,
  4. Charcoal dust, or some other colored powder for making patterns through perforated designs,
  5. To sprinkle or rub with pounce; as, to pounce paper, or a pattern.
  6. The claw or talon of a bird of prey.
  7. A punch or stamp.
  8. Cloth worked in eyelet holes.
  9. To strike or seize with the talons; to pierce, as with the talons.
  10. To punch; to perforate; to stamp holes in, or dots on, by way of ornament.
  11. To fall suddenly and seize with the claws;
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