Meaning of Lustre in English | Lustre का अर्थ (Lustre ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Lustre in English

  1. a quality that outshines the usual
  2. the visual property of something that shines with reflected light
  3. a surface coating for ceramics or porcelain
  4. Brilliancy; splendor; brightness; glitter.
  5. Renown; splendor; distinction; glory.
  6. A candlestick, chandelier, girandole, or the like, generally of an ornamental character.
  7. The appearance of the surface of a mineral as affected by, or dependent upon, peculiarities of its reflecting qualities.
  8. A substance which imparts luster to a surface, as plumbago and some of the glazes.
  9. A fabric of wool and cotton with a lustrous surface,
  10. To make lustrous.
  11. Same as luster.
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