Meaning of Lore in English | Lore का अर्थ (Lore ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Lore in English

  1. knowledge gained through tradition or anecdote
  2. The space between the eye and bill, in birds, and the corresponding region in reptiles and fishes.
  3. The anterior portion of the cheeks of insects.
  4. Lost.
  5. That which is or may be learned or known; the knowledge gained from tradition, books, or experience; often, the whole body of knowledge possessed by a people or class of people, or pertaining to a particular subject; as, the lore of the egyptians; priestly lore; legal lore; folklore.
  6. That which is taught; hence, instruction; wisdom; advice; counsel.
  7. Workmanship.
  8. Line oriented editor
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