Meaning of Lord in English | Lord का अर्थ (Lord ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Lord in English

  1. terms referring to the Judeo-Christian God
  2. a titled peer of the realm
  3. a person who has general authority over others
  4. make a lord of someone
  5. A hump-backed person;
  6. One who has power and authority; a master; a ruler; a governor; a prince; a proprietor, as of a manor.
  7. A titled nobleman., whether a peer of the realm or not; a bishop, as a member of the house of lords; by courtesy; the son of a duke or marquis, or the eldest son of an earl; in a restricted sense, a boron, as opposed to noblemen of higher rank.
  8. A title bestowed on the persons above named; and also, for honor, on certain official persons; as, lord advocate, lord chamberlain, lord chancellor, lord chief justice, etc.
  9. A husband.
  10. One of whom a fee or estate is held; the male owner of feudal land; as, the lord of the soil; the lord of the manor.
  11. The supreme being; jehovah.
  12. The savior; jesus christ.
  13. To invest with the dignity, power, and privileges of a lord.
  14. To rule or preside over as a lord.
  15. To play the lord; to domineer; to rule with arbitrary or despotic sway;
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