Meaning of Like in English | Like का अर्थ (Like ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Like in English

  1. resembling or similar; having the same or some of the same characteristics; often used in combination
  2. having the same or similar characteristics
  3. equal in amount or value
  4. prefer or wish to do something
  5. want to have
  6. be fond of
  7. find enjoyable or agreeable
  8. conforming in every respect
  9. feel about or towards; consider, evaluate, or regard
  10. a similar kind
  11. a kind of person
  12. Having the same, or nearly the same, appearance, qualities, or characteristics; resembling; similar to; similar; alike;
  13. Equal, or nearly equal; as, fields of like extent.
  14. Having probability; affording probability; probable; likely.
  15. Inclined toward; disposed to; as, to feel like taking a walk.
  16. That which is equal or similar to another; the counterpart; an exact resemblance; a copy.
  17. A liking; a preference; inclination;
  18. In a manner like that of; in a manner similar to; as, do not act like him.
  19. In a like or similar manner.
  20. Likely; probably.
  21. To suit; to please; to be agreeable to.
  22. To be pleased with in a moderate degree; to approve; to take satisfaction in; to enjoy.
  23. To liken; to compare.
  24. To be pleased; to choose.
  25. To have an appearance or expression; to look; to seem to be (in a specified condition).
  26. To come near; to avoid with difficulty; to escape narrowly; as, he liked to have been too late. cf. had like, under like, a.
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