Meaning of Irritation in English | Irritation का अर्थ (Irritation ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Irritation in English

  1. the psychological state of being irritated or annoyed
  2. the neural or electrical arousal of an organ or muscle or gland
  3. (pathology) abnormal sensitivity to stimulation
  4. a sudden outburst of anger
  5. an uncomfortable feeling of mental painfulness or distress
  6. the act of troubling or annoying someone
  7. unfriendly behavior that causes anger or resentment
  8. The act of irritating, or exciting, or the state of being irritated; excitement; stimulation, usually of an undue and uncomfortable kind; especially, excitement of anger or passion; provocation; annoyance; anger.
  9. The act of exciting, or the condition of being excited to action, by stimulation;
  10. A condition of morbid excitability or oversensitiveness of an organ or part of the body; a state in which the application of ordinary stimuli produces pain or excessive or vitiated action.
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