Meaning of Interest in English | Interest का अर्थ (Interest ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Interest in English

  1. be of importance or consequence
  2. be on the mind of
  3. excite the curiosity of; engage the interest of
  4. a diversion that occupies one's time and thoughts (usually pleasantly)
  5. (usually plural) a social group whose members control some field of activity and who have common aims
  6. a reason for wanting something done
  7. the power of attracting or holding one's attention (because it is unusual or exciting etc.)
  8. a sense of concern with and curiosity about someone or something
  9. a fixed charge for borrowing money; usually a percentage of the amount borrowed
  10. (law) a right or legal share of something; a financial involvement with something
  11. To engage the attention of; to awaken interest in; to excite emotion or passion in, in behalf of a person or thing; as, the subject did not interest him; to interest one in charitable work.
  12. To be concerned with or engaged in; to affect; to concern; to excite;
  13. To cause or permit to share.
  14. Excitement of feeling, whether pleasant or painful, accompanying special attention to some object; concern.
  15. Participation in advantage, profit, and responsibility; share; portion; part; as, an interest in a brewery; he has parted with his interest in the stocks.
  16. Advantage, personal or general; good, regarded as a selfish benefit; profit; benefit.
  17. Premium paid for the use of money,
  18. Any excess of advantage over and above an exact equivalent for what is given or rendered.
  19. The persons interested in any particular business or measure, taken collectively; as, the iron interest; the cotton interest.
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