Meaning of Group in English | Group का अर्थ (Group ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Group in English

  1. a set that is closed, associative, has an identity element and every element has an inverse
  2. any number of entities (members) considered as a unit
  3. arrange into a group or groups
  4. (chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule
  5. form a group or group together
  6. A cluster, crowd, or throng; an assemblage, either of persons or things, collected without any regular form or arrangement; as, a group of men or of trees; a group of isles.
  7. An assemblage of objects in a certain order or relation, or having some resemblance or common characteristic; as, groups of strata.
  8. A variously limited assemblage of animals or plants, having some resemblance, or common characteristics in form or structure. the term has different uses, and may be made to include certain species of a genus, or a whole genus, or certain genera, or even several orders.
  9. A number of eighth, sixteenth, etc., notes joined at the stems;
  10. To form a group of; to arrange or combine in a group or in groups, often with reference to mutual relation and the best effect; to form an assemblage of.
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