Meaning of Exception in English | Exception का अर्थ (Exception ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Exception in English

  1. an instance that does not conform to a rule or generalization
  2. a deliberate act of omission
  3. grounds for adverse criticism
  4. The act of excepting or excluding; exclusion; restriction by taking out something which would otherwise be included, as in a class, statement, rule.
  5. That which is excepted or taken out from others; a person, thing, or case, specified as distinct, or not included; as, almost every general rule has its exceptions.
  6. An objection, oral or written, taken, in the course of an action, as to bail or security; or as to the decision of a judge, in the course of a trail, or in his charge to a jury; or as to lapse of time, or scandal, impertinence, or insufficiency in a pleading; also, as in conveyancing, a clause by which the grantor excepts something before granted.
  7. An objection; cavil; dissent; disapprobation; offense; cause of offense;
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