Meaning of Effusion in English | Effusion का अर्थ (Effusion ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Effusion in English

  1. An abnormal buildup of fluid in a joint or tissue.
  2. an unrestrained expression of emotion
  3. flow under pressure
  4. The act of pouring out; as, effusion of water, of blood, of grace, of words, and the like.
  5. That which is poured out, literally or figuratively.
  6. The escape of a fluid out of its natural vessel, either by rupture of the vessel, or by exudation through its walls. it may pass into the substance of an organ, or issue upon a free surface.
  7. The liquid escaping or exuded.
  8. The escape of fluid from the blood vessels or lymphatics into the tissues or a cavity.
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