Meaning of Ear in English | Ear का अर्थ (Ear ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Ear in English

  1. fruiting spike of a cereal plant especially corn
  2. good hearing
  3. attention to what is said
  4. the externally visible cartilaginous structure of the external ear
  5. the sense organ for hearing and equilibrium
  6. The organ of hearing; the external ear.
  7. The sense of hearing; the perception of sounds; the power of discriminating between different tones; as, a nice ear for music;
  8. That which resembles in shape or position the ear of an animal; any prominence or projection on an object,
  9. Same as acroterium.
  10. Same as crossette.
  11. Privilege of being kindly heard; favor; attention.
  12. To take in with the ears; to hear.
  13. The spike or head of any cereal (as, wheat, rye, barley, indian corn, etc.), containing the kernels.
  14. To put forth ears in growing; to form ears, as grain; as, this corn ears well.
  15. To plow or till; to cultivate.
  16. The organ of hearing and equilibrium, composed of the
  17. External access register
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