Meaning of Disturbance in English | Disturbance का अर्थ (Disturbance ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Disturbance in English

  1. (psychiatry) a psychological disorder of thought or emotion; a more neutral term than mental illness
  2. a disorderly outburst or tumult
  3. an unhappy and worried mental state
  4. electrical or acoustic activity that can disturb communication
  5. activity that is a malfunction, intrusion, or interruption
  6. the act of disturbing something or someone; setting something in motion
  7. a noisy fight
  8. An interruption of a state of peace or quiet; derangement of the regular course of things; disquiet; disorder; as, a disturbance of religious exercises; a disturbance of the galvanic current.
  9. Confusion of the mind; agitation of the feelings; perplexity; uneasiness.
  10. Violent agitation in the body politic; public commotion; tumult.
  11. The hindering or disquieting of a person in the lawful and peaceable enjoyment of his right; the interruption of a right; as, the disturbance of a franchise, of common, of ways, and the like.
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