Meaning of Contingent in English | Contingent का अर्थ (Contingent ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Contingent in English

  1. a gathering of persons representative of some larger group
  2. a temporary military unit
  3. possible but not certain to occur
  4. being determined by conditions or circumstances that follow
  5. uncertain because of uncontrollable circumstances
  6. Possible, or liable, but not certain, to occur; incidental; casual.
  7. Dependent on that which is undetermined or unknown; as, the success of his undertaking is contingent upon events which he can not control.
  8. Dependent for effect on something that may or may not occur; as, a contingent estate.
  9. An event which may or may not happen; that which is unforeseen, undetermined, or dependent on something future; a contingency.
  10. That which falls to one in a division or apportionment among a number; a suitable share; proportion; esp., a quota of troops.
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