Meaning of Coffer in English | Coffer का अर्थ (Coffer ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Coffer in English

  1. a chest especially for storing valuables
  2. an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling or dome
  3. A casket, chest, or trunk; especially, one used for keeping money or other valuables.
  4. Fig.: treasure or funds;
  5. A panel deeply recessed in the ceiling of a vault, dome, or portico; a caisson.
  6. A trench dug in the bottom of a dry moat, and extending across it, to enable the besieged to defend it by a raking fire.
  7. The chamber of a canal lock; also, a caisson or a cofferdam.
  8. To put into a coffer.
  9. To secure from leaking, as a shaft, by ramming clay behind the masonry or timbering.
  10. To form with or in a coffer or coffers; to furnish with a coffer or coffers.
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