Meaning of Banquet in English | Banquet का अर्थ (Banquet ka Angrezi Matlab)

Meaning of Banquet in English

  1. a meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed
  2. a ceremonial dinner party for many people
  3. provide a feast or banquet for
  4. partake in a feast or banquet
  5. A feast; a sumptuous entertainment of eating and drinking; often, a complimentary or ceremonious feast, followed by speeches.
  6. A dessert; a course of sweetmeats; a sweetmeat or sweetmeats.
  7. To treat with a banquet or sumptuous entertainment of food; to feast.
  8. To regale one's self with good eating and drinking; to feast.
  9. To partake of a dessert after a feast.
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