Proverbs/Idioms Listमुहावरे/लोकोक्तियाँ

  1. The belly teacher all arts
  2. The best throw with the dice is to throw them away
  3. The brave fight with persons worth their steel
  4. The camel going to seek horns, lost his ears
  5. The chamber of sickness is the chapet of devotion
  6. The cheap buyer takes bad meat
  7. The course has been irrevocably decided
  8. The death's day is the doom's day
  9. The first blow is half the battle
  10. The frog in the well enows nothing of great ocean
  11. The greater the sinner, the greater the saint
  12. The long and short of a matter
  13. The matter is closed
  14. The matter is hushed up
  15. The means that achieve the end are the best means
  16. The odds are in his favour
  17. The pot calls the kettle black
  18. The proof of the pudding is in the eating
  19. The sons of the soil
  20. The sooty oven mocks the black chimney
  21. The venue of his sustenance has shifted from here
  22. The wearer best knows where the shoe pinches
  23. The whole world is happy
  24. There is nothing to it
  25. Things once begun must be concluded at all costs
  26. Think before you speak
  27. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others
  28. Time is the best healer
  29. To acclimatizw oneself
  30. To accord a hearty welcome
  31. To accumulate little by little
  32. To achieve an objective
  33. To achieve something impossible
  34. To achieve the impossible
  35. To acquire worldly wiles
  36. To act clandestinely
  37. To act impulsively
  38. To act in a grossly foolish way
  39. To act in deference to someone's desires
  40. To add a new feather to one, s cap
  41. To add insult to injury
  42. To add insult to the injury
  43. To add to one's agony
  44. To adopt a favourable attitude towards someone
  45. To adopt dishonest means
  46. To adopt suicidal policy
  47. To adopt wrong ways
  48. To allow latitude
  49. To allure, to woo someone
  50. To appear suddenly from nowhere
  51. To apprise someone (of something)
  52. To approach very near
  53. To ascend the throne
  54. To assert one's rights
  55. To assume an arrogant or superior attitude
  56. To assume cool indifference
  57. To attack from behind a smoke-screen
  58. To attempt the impossible
  59. To avoid
  60. To avoid being face-to-face
  61. To avoid being noticed and walk away
  62. To bark up a wrong tree
  63. To be disgraced
  64. To be a big gun
  65. To be a big personage
  66. To be a pauper
  67. To be a resourceful man
  68. To be a turncoat
  69. To be a very expert thief
  70. To be a yes man
  71. To be a yes-man
  72. To be accurate
  73. To be agonizingly helpless
  74. To be all ears
  75. To be all set for action
  76. To be almost equal
  77. To be always ready to risk one's life
  78. To be an experienced crafty person
  79. To be an eye-sore
  80. To be an impartial judge
  81. To be as lofty as sky
  82. To be assimilated
  83. To be at a discount
  84. To be at loggerheads
  85. To be at one's beck and call
  86. To be at one's ease
  87. To be at one's wit's end
  88. To be awfully hungry
  89. To be awfully tired of life
  90. To be badly deceived
  91. To be badly injured
  92. To be beside oneself with anger
  93. To be beside oneself with delight
  94. To be beside oneself with joy
  95. To be beside oneself with rage
  96. To be brazen-faced
  97. To be bribed
  98. To be busy
  99. To be carefree
  100. To be casual after causing a crisism
  101. To be caught in soneone's trap
  102. To be caught redhanded
  103. To be completely undone
  104. To be confused, to be distressed
  105. To be constantly on the move
  106. To be convinced
  107. To be cordial
  108. To be deaf to all arguments
  109. To be defeated
  110. To be derogatory to one's dignity
  111. To be destroyed
  112. To be disenchanted
  113. To be dishonest at heart
  114. To be dispersed
  115. To be done to death
  116. To be double tongued
  117. To be dumb-founded
  118. To be electrified
  119. To be engrossed in some deep thought
  120. To be enraged
  121. To be extraordinalrily intelligent
  122. To be extravagant
  123. To be faithless
  124. To be favoured by luck
  125. To be fed up
  126. To be full of airs, though vanquished
  127. To be good for nothing
  128. To be greatly thrilled
  129. To be handed over to a brute
  130. To be hard pressed for every farthing
  131. To be hard to approach
  132. To be hard up
  133. To be held in bad light
  134. To be highly embarrassed
  135. To be highly grateful to someone who did some great favour
  136. To be hubristic
  137. To be humiliated
  138. To be impatient to have freedom
  139. To be impressed on the mind
  140. To be in a family way (pregnant)
  141. To be in a fix
  142. To be in a fix, to be in a quandary
  143. To be in a rapture
  144. To be in an unbearable suspense
  145. To be in close proximity
  146. To be in dire straits
  147. To be in great demand
  148. To be in high spirits
  149. To be in jeopardy
  150. To be in leading strings
  151. To be in light mood
  152. To be in one's element
  153. To be in suspense
  154. To be in the blood
  155. To be insufferably high brow
  156. To be kept in abeyance
  157. To be learful
  158. To be left with no alternative
  159. To be literal
  160. To be loose-tongued
  161. To be moved
  162. To be much perplexed
  163. To be obliged to leave
  164. To be obsessed by
  165. To be of no consequence
  166. To be on intimate terms
  167. To be on pins and needles
  168. To be on the high ropes
  169. To be on the horns of a dilemma
  170. To be on the tongues of the people
  171. To be on the verge of crying
  172. To be on the verge of death
  173. To be on velvet
  174. To be out of one's element
  175. To be out of sorts
  176. To be out to murder
  177. To be over head and ears in debt
  178. To be overjoyed, to be too happy
  179. To be pacified
  180. To be paralyzed by sudden fear
  181. To be perpetually opposed to each other
  182. To be pounded between mortar and pestle
  183. To be prepared for a fight
  184. To be puffed with pride
  185. To be put in the dock
  186. To be ready to face death
  187. To be reduced from plenty to penury
  188. To be reduced to a skeleton
  189. To be reduced to smithereens
  190. To be relieved of all anxieties
  191. To be rendered homeless
  192. To be restless
  193. To be rolled about with laughter
  194. To be rtterly ruined
  195. To be safe and secure
  196. To be seen onece in a blue moon
  197. To be servile
  198. To be shattered to pieces
  199. To be stingy to a penny
  200. To be struck by a calamity
  201. To be stupefied
  202. To be sudden and quick in quarrel
  203. To be surrounded by
  204. To be the right hand man
  205. To be tied in a nuptial knot
  206. To be tiresomely sick of life
  207. To be too ashamed to show one's face
  208. To be too big for one's boots
  209. To be tormented
  210. To be unable into action
  211. To be unable to accept
  212. To be unable to speak due to some constraint
  213. To be under one's complete control
  214. To be under one's thumb
  215. To be under the control of
  216. To be under the protection of
  217. To be up against a gaint
  218. To be utterly confounded
  219. To be utterly confused
  220. To be utterly inadequate
  221. To be very angry
  222. To be very distressed
  223. To be very negligent
  224. To be well known
  225. To be widely experienced
  226. To be wildly dlighted
  227. To be wonderstruck
  228. To bear in mind
  229. To bear without complaint
  230. To beat mercilessly
  231. To beat the air
  232. To become angry suddenly
  233. To become crazy
  234. To become furious
  235. To become impatient
  236. To become jealous
  237. To become rich suddenly
  238. To become tired and fagged out (body)
  239. To become utterly confused
  240. To beg most submissively
  241. To beget a large number of children
  242. To begin any operation
  243. To begin earning one's livelihood
  244. To behave arrogantly
  245. To behave boorishly
  246. To bestow plentifully as a god-send
  247. To bite off more than one can chew
  248. To bite the hands that feed one
  249. To blacken one's face
  250. To blaze a trail
  251. To blow hot and cold
  252. To blow one's own trumpet
  253. To blow the gaff
  254. To blush with shame, to feel shame
  255. To boast
  256. To boast wildly
  257. To bother much for a vain thing
  258. To bother too much with trivial queries
  259. To boycott socially
  260. To brag about
  261. To break
  262. To break ground
  263. To break the ice
  264. To break the neck of the task
  265. To break the record
  266. To bribe a person
  267. To bridle one's tongue
  268. To bridle one's tongur
  269. To bring heaven and earth together
  270. To bring one round toone's views
  271. To bring the name of one's family into disrepute
  272. To bring to light
  273. To bring to the right path
  274. To build castles in the air
  275. To burn one's fingers knowingly
  276. To burn the candles at both ends
  277. To burn with jealousy
  278. To burst into peals of laughter
  279. To bury the hatchet
  280. To buy over
  281. To cajole
  282. To call a spade a spade
  283. To call names
  284. To calm down, to pacify
  285. To carp
  286. To carp, to criticize
  287. To carry coals to newcastle
  288. To carry on the crusade
  289. To carry oneself defiantly
  290. To carry the day
  291. To cast a bewildered look
  292. To cast pearls before a swine
  293. To catch a tartar
  294. To catch flat-footed
  295. To cause strife
  296. To cause the impossible to happen
  297. To cease hostilities
  298. To cease to have interest
  299. To celebrate a happy occasion by offering sweetmeant
  300. To celebrate an occasion by offering sweets
  301. To chant the praises of
  302. To chime in
  303. To chisel one into a shape
  304. To clear off account
  305. To clear out bag and baggage
  306. To cock a snook at
  307. To come across one who is more than a match
  308. To come back to earth
  309. To come in one's grip
  310. To come out unscathed
  311. To come out with flying colours
  312. To come suddenly like a storm
  313. To come to blows
  314. To come to grief
  315. To come to know
  316. To come to naught
  317. To come to one's sense
  318. To come to the end of one's tether
  319. To come under one's control
  320. To come under the spell of green-eyed god
  321. To commit an outrage
  322. To connive at something wrong
  323. To conspire
  324. To continue to harp on the same note
  325. To contrive a plan
  326. To cool down
  327. To crack the hard nut
  328. To create a fuss
  329. To create a storm in a tea cup
  330. To create complication
  331. To create difficulties in one's way
  332. To create obstacles for someone
  333. To cross one's't's and dot one's'i's
  334. To cross-examine critically
  335. To cry one's heart out
  336. To curry favour
  337. To curry new power's favour
  338. To cut a sorry figure
  339. To dance to the tune of
  340. To deal a backhander
  341. To decide finally
  342. To declare the case hopeless
  343. To defame
  344. To defy openly
  345. To deliver a spell-binding speech
  346. To demolish
  347. To demoralize the enemy
  348. To depart
  349. To depend upon
  350. To develop complex
  351. To develop liking for things depraved
  352. To develop the inveterate habit of
  353. To deviate from the usual practice
  354. To die
  355. To die a miserable death
  356. To die by inches
  357. To die in quick succession
  358. To die, to pass away
  359. To differentiate between chalk and cheese
  360. To dig one's own grave
  361. To dig up old grievances
  362. To discard an affluent position
  363. To discharge, to dismiss
  364. To disgrace oneself
  365. To dispose of at throw-away prices
  366. To do a lot of capering
  367. To do an evil turn to
  368. To do anything that would tend to harm one's own interests
  369. To do away with, to put an end to
  370. To do impossible task
  371. To do one's utmost
  372. To draw a line on one's greed
  373. To draw a line somewhere
  374. To draw the long bow
  375. To dream, but be dumb
  376. To drive (one) to distraction
  377. To earn a bad name
  378. To earn a living as a prostitute
  379. To eat one's word
  380. To eat raw
  381. To embarrass to the point of humiliation
  382. To emere unscathed
  383. To engage in a risky enterprise
  384. To engage in hopeless enterprise
  385. To engage oneself in a worthless job
  386. To enter the arena
  387. To enter upon an office
  388. To entertain hopes
  389. To entrap someone (a wealthy person)
  390. To equivocate
  391. To err
  392. To establish control over
  393. To etch in one's memory
  394. To exaggerate
  395. To exaggerate beyond measure
  396. To examine oneself in a mirror
  397. To exchange glances
  398. To exchange views unreservedly
  399. To excommunicate
  400. To expose one to the danger ahead
  401. To express the maximum in the minimum words
  402. To extract money from a miser
  403. To face a hazard
  404. To face an opponent much superior in strength
  405. To fade away
  406. To fall in love
  407. To fall into adversity
  408. To fall into the clutches of
  409. To fall on the back
  410. To feed oneself on the earnings of others
  411. To feed the ungrateful
  412. To feel a sense of relief
  413. To feel ashamed
  414. To feel frustrated in one's heart
  415. To feel jubilant
  416. To feel light
  417. To feel like beating someone
  418. To feel like fish out of water
  419. To feel pangs of jealousy
  420. To feel rancour against someone
  421. To feel satisfied
  422. To feel small
  423. To fight against heavy odds
  424. To fight with a rope round one's neck
  425. To find a clue
  426. To find fault with a gift
  427. To flatte
  428. To flatter a fool for expediency
  429. To flatter every, tom, dick and harry to achieve one's ends
  430. To flee
  431. To flog a dead hors
  432. To flog a dead horse
  433. To flop
  434. To flourish in wealth and progeny
  435. To fly into a rage
  436. To follow in the steps of
  437. To follow old traditions
  438. To freeze out
  439. To fret all one's life
  440. To frown
  441. To frustrate one's hopes after raising them
  442. To fulfil one's desire
  443. To gain immensely
  444. To gather thoughts, to be emotional
  445. To gather varied experience by going from pillar to post
  446. To ge t soothing satisfaction
  447. To get (something) from unknown quarters
  448. To get a suitable opportunity
  449. To get embroiled
  450. To get into one's head
  451. To get married
  452. To get no sleep
  453. To get nothing
  454. To get on one's nerves
  455. To get one's goat
  456. To get rid of a botheration
  457. To get scattered
  458. To get to the bottom of
  459. To get to the bottom of the matter
  460. To give a bit of one's mind
  461. To give a curt reply
  462. To give a dressing down
  463. To give a false colour to
  464. To give a free hand
  465. To give a green signal
  466. To give a long rope
  467. To give a severe thrashing
  468. To give a sound beating
  469. To give bent to one's anger
  470. To give clearance
  471. To give credit for
  472. To give grudgingly
  473. To give line clear
  474. To give one a hard time
  475. To give one crushing defeat
  476. To give oneself airs
  477. To give severe beating
  478. To give somebody a piece of one's mind
  479. To give tit for tat
  480. To give up food and water (to fast)
  481. To go against general opinion in one's intentions
  482. To go against traditions
  483. To go astray
  484. To go back on one's own word
  485. To go beyond limits
  486. To go empty-handed
  487. To go into a huff
  488. To go into minute details
  489. To go on a rampage
  490. To go on committing one foolish act after another
  491. To go on the bum
  492. To go on the rocks
  493. To go out for wool and come home shorn
  494. To go to rack and ruin
  495. To go with the tide
  496. To go without food
  497. To gratify oneself
  498. To grease one's palms
  499. To grease the palm
  500. To grow grey without gaining any wisdom
  501. To grow too big for one's boots
  502. To growl at one who provides food
  503. To guard closely
  504. To handle boldly
  505. To hang between hope and despair
  506. To hang hover around
  507. To hang one's lip in humiliation
  508. To harm oneself by acting foolishly
  509. To hasten
  510. To have (someone) at one's mercy
  511. To have a feeling of restlessness
  512. To have a long tongue
  513. To have a rich background
  514. To have a screw loose
  515. To have a spell of good luck
  516. To have a taste of proson house
  517. To have a tiring and arduous journey
  518. To have an uncontrolled tongue
  519. To have an upper hand
  520. To have completed the entire task, save the fractional
  521. To have enough to live on
  522. To have lost all shame
  523. To have no concern whatsoever
  524. To have no kith or kin
  525. To have no trace left behind
  526. To have none to look after
  527. To have nothing to do
  528. To have nothing to gain or lose
  529. To have one's own axe to grind
  530. To have something as a part of one's nature
  531. To have the heart
  532. To heap curses upon someone
  533. To hear the voice of one's conscience
  534. To hit the mark
  535. To hold authority
  536. To hold by the jugular
  537. To hold one's breath
  538. To hold someone as one's own
  539. To hold the reins of
  540. To imperil one's life
  541. To indulge in day-dreaming
  542. To indulge in mental gymnastics
  543. To indulge in tall talks
  544. To insult
  545. To interfere
  546. To introduce a well known person
  547. To invite danger
  548. To invite trouble
  549. To invite trouble, to involve oneself in difficulties
  550. To invoke a curse upon
  551. To join the spectators after causing a fire-break
  552. To jump into hot waters
  553. To jump over the broom-stick
  554. To keep aloof
  555. To keep at an arm's length
  556. To keep in check
  557. To keep in dark
  558. To keep one's distance
  559. To keep scrupulously aloof from someone
  560. To keep some one at an arm's length
  561. To keep the eyes downcast
  562. To keep watch on
  563. To keep wolf from the door
  564. To kick the bucket
  565. To kill two birds with one stone
  566. To kill, to put to the sword
  567. To kiss the dust
  568. To knock about from pillar to post
  569. To knock out the teeth
  570. To know how strange are the ways of the world
  571. To know one's place
  572. To know wherein lies one's good and bad
  573. To knuckle down to it
  574. To laugh away
  575. To laugh in one's sleeve
  576. To laugh off
  577. To lay (a child) against one's shoulder
  578. To lay a trap for
  579. To lay down ones life for the sake of one
  580. To lay it on thick
  581. To leave in the lurch
  582. To leave no avenue unexplored
  583. To leave no stone unturned
  584. To leave the mortal frame (to die)
  585. To lend plausibility
  586. To let none get an upper hand
  587. To let off a squib
  588. To let off one's steam
  589. To lick one's chaps
  590. To listen with a heavy heat
  591. To live in rome and fight with pope
  592. To live in the make-believe world
  593. To live in the present only
  594. To live under care
  595. To live within one's means
  596. To lock the stable after the steed is stolen
  597. To look a gift house in the mouth
  598. To look aghast
  599. To look angry
  600. To look downcast
  601. To look for trouble
  602. To look lost
  603. To look to others for help
  604. To loosen one's haold
  605. To loosen one's hold
  606. To lose control over oneself in rage
  607. To lose firmness
  608. To lose heart
  609. To lose hold over the reins of
  610. To lose one's dash
  611. To lose one's temper
  612. To lose one's wits
  613. To lower one's head out of shame
  614. To maintain a safe distance
  615. To maintain absolute secrecy
  616. To make a commotion
  617. To make a fuss
  618. To make a mockery
  619. To make a parade of one's erudition
  620. To make a parade of one's vainglory
  621. To make a remarkable utterance
  622. To make a show of remedying a dire situation created by oneself
  623. To make a start by getting over initial difficulties
  624. To make a vain bid
  625. To make a virtue out of necessity
  626. To make an incendiary remark
  627. To make captious criticism
  628. To make confusion worse confounded
  629. To make deductions
  630. To make donkey run faster than the horse
  631. To make ends meet
  632. To make fun
  633. To make good one's escape
  634. To make great rejoicing
  635. To make great strides
  636. To make herculean efforts
  637. To make life miserable
  638. To make mate matters worse
  639. To make one show one's cards
  640. To make short work of
  641. To make subtle moves
  642. To make uninformed remarks
  643. To manage to live well despite abject poverty
  644. To mar the pleasure of
  645. To mark time
  646. To marry off
  647. To meet an obligation in short supply
  648. To meet with failure in one's pursuit
  649. To milk the bull
  650. To mint money
  651. To mislead
  652. To move at a snail's pace
  653. To move heaven and earth
  654. To narrate an old story in detall
  655. To need no introduction
  656. To nourish the body (food)
  657. To nurse a grudge
  658. To obsess
  659. To offer a caress and give a stab
  660. To oil the wheels
  661. To oneself (own)
  662. To open an account
  663. To outwit
  664. To overlook
  665. To overturn
  666. To pacify
  667. To pack bag and baggage
  668. To paddle one's own canoe
  669. To paint black as white
  670. To pass (one's) days
  671. To pass a provocative remarke
  672. To pass difficult time cheerfully
  673. To pass time restlessly
  674. To pay court to
  675. To pay no heed at all
  676. To pay off old scores
  677. To perceive the matter in real terms
  678. To perform a miracle
  679. To perform an impossible teat
  680. To perform the funeral rites
  681. To perform wonders
  682. To perspire from head to toe
  683. To pester
  684. To pester beyond limit
  685. To pester with persistent queries
  686. To pick holes in
  687. To pick up the gauntlet
  688. To play a dangerous game
  689. To play ducks and drakes with (one's money)
  690. To play ducks and drakes with one's money
  691. To play havoc
  692. To play it cool
  693. To pocket bribe
  694. To praise to the skies
  695. To prepare oneself to face the worst
  696. To prepare oneself to leave
  697. To prepare to defend oneself
  698. To proceed very cautiously
  699. To proclaim openly
  700. To procrastinate
  701. To propose something fantastic
  702. To protest explicitly
  703. To prove oneself equal to the task
  704. To pss sleepless nights
  705. To pull one's rank on
  706. To punish severely
  707. To pursue obsessively
  708. To pursue with a vengeance
  709. To put a gloss upon
  710. To put in a lot of effort
  711. To put in cold storage
  712. To put into hot waters
  713. To put off on some pretext or the other
  714. To put on a wry face
  715. To put on the map
  716. To put one in a dilemma
  717. To put one in one's place
  718. To put someont to a grat trouble
  719. To put the cart before the horse
  720. To put to death
  721. To put to shame
  722. To put up false show
  723. To quarrel
  724. To ract sharply
  725. To raise a storm in a tea-cup
  726. To raise an issue
  727. To raise hullabaloo
  728. To rake up old wounds
  729. To rake up the old issues
  730. To reach a clue
  731. To reach one's destination
  732. To reach one's ears
  733. To reach the destination
  734. To receive one with aal respect
  735. To reduce one to complete helplessness
  736. To reduce to a sad state
  737. To refuse flatly
  738. To refuse to recognize
  739. To regard as contemptible
  740. To regard someone as the only source of help
  741. To regard something as one's own father's property
  742. To relieve one of one's pain
  743. To remain miles away from
  744. To remain unruffled
  745. To remove misunderstanding
  746. To remove the effect of contact
  747. To reopen (one's) old sores
  748. To repress sorrow
  749. To retaliate
  750. To return blow for blow
  751. To return evil for evil
  752. To return with disappointment writ large on one's face
  753. To reveal a secret
  754. To revive an old wound
  755. To ride two horses at a time
  756. To risk life
  757. To roam about freely
  758. To roam from place to place
  759. To rob
  760. To roll in the aisles
  761. To ruin
  762. To ruin oneself
  763. To run away
  764. To run away from the battle-field
  765. To sacrifice one's life
  766. To save your breath to cool your porridge
  767. To say what one was about to say
  768. To scold
  769. To scold severely
  770. To search with all the care at one's command
  771. To see only the self-interest
  772. To see something fishy
  773. To sell out money
  774. To sell the skin before you have caught the bear
  775. To set a fox to keep the geese
  776. To set one's cap at
  777. To set one's heart on
  778. To set out on a hazardous journey or undertake a risky job, unmindful of the dangers involved
  779. To set water on fire
  780. To settle accounts (avenging an injury)
  781. To settle the matter once for all
  782. To shake hands
  783. To shed all sense of shame
  784. To shelve
  785. To shoulder responsibility
  786. To show a clean pair of heels
  787. To show a clean pair of one's heels
  788. To show arrogance
  789. To show one's promptness
  790. To show the white feather
  791. To shush
  792. To sing in the same strain
  793. To skyrocket
  794. To sleep like a log
  795. To slink away
  796. To slip away
  797. To sow the seeds of strife
  798. To spare no efforts
  799. To speak flatteringly about oneself
  800. To speak harshly
  801. To speak with meticulous exactness
  802. To spell ruination
  803. To spend beyond one's means
  804. To spoil one's appearance
  805. To spoil one's own good name
  806. To spoil utterly
  807. To squabble
  808. To squander away
  809. To square accounts with
  810. To square the circle
  811. To stab in the back
  812. To stand a test
  813. To start new mischief
  814. To stick to one's position
  815. To stir up trouble
  816. To stop another from speaking (by speaking oneself)
  817. To stop being impractical
  818. To straighten out twists and turns
  819. To strain at the leash
  820. To strengthen one's hand
  821. To strike someone a backhanded blow
  822. To struggle
  823. To subdue one's emotional upsurge
  824. To submit to an ordeal
  825. To submit to the disagreeable
  826. To suffer a hard time
  827. To suffer a humiliating experience
  828. To suffer a setback
  829. To suffer a severe reverse
  830. To suffer anguish of disappointment
  831. To suffer as a reward for doing good
  832. To suffer defeat
  833. To suffer distress
  834. To suffer mental agony
  835. To suffer patiently
  836. To supplicate
  837. To suppress one's anger
  838. To suppress one's feeling
  839. To suppress one's rage
  840. To suppress one's tears
  841. To surrender
  842. To suspect foul play
  843. To take a dying man from his bed
  844. To take a load off one's mind
  845. To take a risk of one's life
  846. To take a shout-sighted view
  847. To take advantage of a confusion concerning others
  848. To take an aversion to
  849. To take bribe
  850. To take by surprise
  851. To take control of
  852. To take courage in both hands
  853. To take leave of one's sense
  854. To take leave of one's senses
  855. To take one's chance
  856. To take recourse to manoeuvring
  857. To take risk
  858. To take the bear by the tooth
  859. To take the reins in one's hand
  860. To take the shine out
  861. To take the words out of one's mouth
  862. To take to one's heels
  863. To take to uncommon ways
  864. To take up strategic positions
  865. To talk conceitedly
  866. To talk expediently
  867. To talk loose
  868. To talk nonsense
  869. To talk of chalk and hear of cheese
  870. To talk of unachievable things
  871. To talk tall, to talk boastfully
  872. To talk with restraint
  873. To tar everybody with the same brush
  874. To tarnish one's honour
  875. To tarnish one's reputation
  876. To tarnish the image of
  877. To tear (arguments) into shreds
  878. To tease one to death
  879. To tell the world
  880. To test one's qualities in action
  881. To think in terms of one's own interests
  882. To think little of
  883. To think much of someone
  884. To thrash
  885. To threaten
  886. To throw cold water on one's hopes
  887. To throw cold water on one's hopes and ambitions
  888. To throw the hatchet
  889. To thunder on the strength of others
  890. To toil by the sweat of one's brow
  891. To tolerate a wrong thing being said right
  892. To torment
  893. To translate into reality
  894. To tread the off trodden path
  895. To treasure something worhless
  896. To treat all alike
  897. To treat as a joke
  898. To treat as insignificant
  899. To treat like dirt
  900. To treat with contempt
  901. To treat with great honour
  902. To try one's luck
  903. To try to attract someone
  904. To try to conceal what is conspicuous
  905. To try to humiliate the really great
  906. To try to pass a camel through the eye of a needle
  907. To turn a deaf ear
  908. To turn away from
  909. To turn cat in pan
  910. To turn one's back upon
  911. To turn over a new leaf
  912. To turn pale
  913. To turn the tables on
  914. To twiddle one's thumbs
  915. To twist somebody round one's little finger
  916. To unburden one's heart
  917. To unburden oneself
  918. To uncover a plot
  919. To understand the matter in proper perspective
  920. To unmask
  921. To upset one's apple-cart
  922. To utter harsh words
  923. To vacillate
  924. To vanish into thin air
  925. To vanquish all adversaries
  926. To walk in a stately way
  927. To walk into one's trap
  928. To walk into the trap of
  929. To walk with head held high
  930. To wallow in riches
  931. To wander idly about
  932. To wash one's hands of one's work
  933. To wash one's hands off
  934. To waste time in idle pursuits
  935. To wear one's heart on one's sleeve
  936. To weigh one's capabilities
  937. To weigh pros and cons
  938. To whisper
  939. To wield a formidable pen
  940. To wield an effective pen
  941. To win lauels
  942. To win one over by one's oily tongue
  943. To win over
  944. To wish to be not less than perfect
  945. To withdraw support
  946. To witness a brawl engineered by oneself
  947. To work to the best of one's ability
  948. To wring blood from a stone
  949. To wring one's hands in despair
  950. To wring water from a flint
  951. To write
  952. To yield unconditionally
  953. Tomorrow never comes
  954. Tongue to be a double-edged sword
  955. Topsy-turvy
  956. Torrential rain
  957. Triton among the minnows
  958. Twenty can take a horse to water but none can make it drink
  959. Two heads are better than one
  960. Two-headed dragon
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रफ़्तार पर उपलब्ध कराये जा रहे मुहावरे सेवा के जरिए आप मुहावरे एवं लोकोक्तियां खोज सकते हैं। अंग्रेजी एवं हिंदी दोनो ही भाषाओं में अक्षरों से अनुसार उपलब्ध कराये जा रहे मुहावरों में से आप अपनी मुहावरों से संबंधित खोज का पूरा कर सकते हैं।
साथ ही साथ, रफ़्तार पर आपको मुहावरों के इस्तेमाल के उदाहरण भी उपलब्ध कराये जा रहे हैं जिससे आप मुहावरों के बारे में अधिक समझ विकसित कर सकते हैं।

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