Proverbs/Idioms Listमुहावरे/लोकोक्तियाँ

  1. Nearer the church, farther from god
  2. Necessity is the mother of invention
  3. Necessity knows no law
  4. Need makes the old wife trot
  5. Need of the hour
  6. Negligible, sightest
  7. Neither fish nor fowl
  8. Neither hawk nor buzzard
  9. Never look a gift horse in the mouth
  10. Never mind what is left behing
  11. Never swap horses mid-stream
  12. New brands are not better than old ones
  13. New lords, new laws
  14. Nine days wonder
  15. Nine day's wonder
  16. No bird rests on a dry lone tree
  17. No clue
  18. No gain without pain
  19. No living man can do all things
  20. No longer active when one's activity is most needed
  21. No longer on old cordil relations
  22. No man can serve two masters
  23. No man is always unlucky
  24. No one cries stinking fish
  25. No one has seen tomorrow
  26. No one is without faults
  27. No root, no fruit
  28. No rose without thorns
  29. No whereabouts
  30. Nominally
  31. None befriends the poor
  32. Not a leaf rustles
  33. Not a patch on
  34. Not even to mention
  35. Not every mind will answer equally
  36. Not fit even to hold a candle to
  37. Not fit to hold a candle to
  38. Not in the same street with
  39. Not letting anyone get a clue
  40. Not to achieve one's end
  41. Not to allow any one to come anywhere near one's possession
  42. Not to be able to contain oneself with joy
  43. Not to be befooled
  44. Not to be in any reckoning
  45. Not to be palatable or welcome
  46. Not to budge an inch
  47. Not to care two hoots
  48. Not to compromise
  49. Not to divulge a secret
  50. Not to do any work
  51. Not to get attention from anybody
  52. Not to give patient hearing
  53. Not to go down one's throat
  54. Not to have a bean
  55. Not to have one's aspirations materialized
  56. Not to have the least difference
  57. Not to leak
  58. Not to make use of
  59. Not to move anywhere
  60. Not to rake up the controversial issue
  61. Not to reveal
  62. Not to see beyond an inch of one's nose
  63. Not to see eye to eye with each other
  64. Not to see the obvious
  65. Not to see the writing on the wall
  66. Not to show any sign of displeasure
  67. Not to speak on any account
  68. Not to take into account
  69. Not to talk even by way of courtesy
  70. Not to treat as alien
  71. Not to wake up the sleeping dog
  72. Not tolet a thing be exposed
  73. Not worth one's salt
  74. Not worth powder and shot
  75. Not worth the trouble
  76. Nothing succeeds like success
  77. Nothing to choose between
English to Hindi Dictionary

रफ़्तार पर उपलब्ध कराये जा रहे मुहावरे सेवा के जरिए आप मुहावरे एवं लोकोक्तियां खोज सकते हैं। अंग्रेजी एवं हिंदी दोनो ही भाषाओं में अक्षरों से अनुसार उपलब्ध कराये जा रहे मुहावरों में से आप अपनी मुहावरों से संबंधित खोज का पूरा कर सकते हैं।
साथ ही साथ, रफ़्तार पर आपको मुहावरों के इस्तेमाल के उदाहरण भी उपलब्ध कराये जा रहे हैं जिससे आप मुहावरों के बारे में अधिक समझ विकसित कर सकते हैं।

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