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Meaning of YIELDING in English
  1. the act of conceding or yielding
  2. a verbal act of admitting defeat
  3. lacking stiffness and giving way to pressure
  4. tending to give in or surrender or agree
  5. inclined to yield to argument or influence or control
  6. Of yield
  7. Inclined to give way, or comply; flexible; compliant; accommodating; as, a yielding temper.
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YIELDING Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "YIELDING": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "On yielding all pretence;sensing the necessity of lovethough feeling none but hunger well within"
    - This term yielding was used by Black Mary.Sequenced by in the Poem Cold comfort in the chastity of sorrow.

  2. "Yielding bounty in exchange for labor"
    - This term yielding was used by Sarabande.By Francois Campion. Sequenced by John Kwasnik in the Poem Blessed are those who cherish well their loves.

  3. "Yielding harvests gleaned in fields to come"
    - This term yielding was used by Lord Inchiquin.By Turlough O'Carolan. Sequenced by in the Poem Forty years together you have loved.

Usage of "YIELDING" in sentences

  1. "A deep yielding layer of foam rubber"

  2. "Too yielding to make a stand against any encroachments"

  3. "A timid yielding person"

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