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Meaning of YEARLY in English
  1. occurring or payable every year
  2. without missing a year
  3. a reference book that is published regularly once every year
  4. Happening, accruing, or coming every year; annual; as, a yearly income; a yearly feast.
  5. Lasting a year; as, a yearly plant.
  6. Accomplished in a year; as, the yearly circuit, or revolution, of the earth.
  7. Annually; once a year to year; as, blessings yearly bestowed.
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YEARLY Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "YEARLY": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "Yearly out of his wat'ry cell"
    - This term yearly was used by Thomas Campion in the Poem A hymn in praise of neptune.

  2. "Storing yearly little dues of wheat, and wine and oil;"
    - This term yearly was used by Alfred Tennyson, Lord Tennyson in the Poem Song of the lotos-eaters.

  3. "To my house is yearly borne"
    - This term yearly was used by Giles Fletcher in the Poem Wooing song.

Usage of "YEARLY" in sentences

  1. "Yearly medical examinations"

  2. "Annual (or yearly) income"

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