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Pronunciation of xanthine

Meaning of xanthine in Hindi

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Pronunciation of xanthine

Meaning of xanthine in Hindi

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Meaning of XANTHINE in English
  1. crystalline oxidation product of the metabolism of nucleoproteins; precursor of uric acid; found in many organs and in urine
  2. (physiol. chem.) a type of purine obtainable as a white microcrystalline powder, c5h4o2n4, present in muscle tissue, in the liver, spleen, pancreas, and other organs, and also in urine (in small quantities) and some urinary calculi, and in the juices of certain plants; - so called because it leaves a yellow residue when evaporated to dryness with nitric acid. it is also present in guano. xanthine is closely related to uric acid.
  3. Oxidation product of guanine and hypoxanthine, precursor of uric acid; occurs in many organs and in the urine, occasionally forming urinary calculi; elevated in molybdenum cofactor deficiency and in xanthinuria.
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