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Meaning of WHITING in English
  1. flesh of any of a number of slender food fishes especially of Atlantic coasts of North America
  2. flesh of a cod-like fish of the Atlantic waters of Europe
  3. found off Atlantic coast of North America
  4. a food fish of the Atlantic waters of Europe resembling the cod; sometimes placed in genus Gadus
  5. a small fish of the genus Sillago; excellent food fish
  6. any of several food fishes of North American coastal waters
  7. Of white
  8. A common european food fish (melangus vulgaris) of the codfish family;
  9. A north american fish (merlucius vulgaris) allied to the preceding;
  10. Any one of several species of north american marine sciaenoid food fishes belonging to genus menticirrhus, especially m. americanus, found from maryland to brazil, and m. littoralis, common from virginia to texas;
  11. Chalk prepared in an impalpable powder by pulverizing and repeated washing, used as a pigment, as an ingredient in putty, for cleaning silver, etc.
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