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Meaning of VORTEX in English
  1. A mass of fluid, especially of a liquid, having a whirling or circular motion tending to form a cavity or vacuum in the center of the circle, and to draw in towards the center bodies subject to its action; the form assumed by a fluid in such motion; a whirlpool; an eddy.
  2. A supposed collection of particles of very subtile matter, endowed with a rapid rotary motion around an axis which was also the axis of a sun or a planet. descartes attempted to account for the formation of the universe, and the movements of the bodies composing it, by a theory of vortices.
  3. Any one of numerous species of small turbellaria belonging to vortex and allied genera. see illustration in appendix.

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Usage of "VORTEX": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "I feel like i'm stuck in a vortex that i can't escape"
    - This term vortex was used by Amanda Jewell in the Poem Nobody to turn to you....

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