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Meaning of UNFURL in English
  1. unroll, unfold, or spread out or be unrolled, unfolded, or spread out from a furled state
  2. To loose from a furled state; to unfold; to expand; to open or spread; as, to unfurl sails; to unfurl a flag.
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UNFURL Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "UNFURL": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "How many times tonight will your lips unfurl to a smile"
    - This term unfurl was used by Jonathan R. Clarke in the Poem Love poem.

  2. "Before her love, and hardly lets the butterflies unfurl"
    - This term unfurl was used by Oscar Wilde in the Poem The garden of eros.

Usage of "UNFURL" in sentences

  1. "Climbed aloft to unfurl the sail"

  2. "Unfurl a banner"

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