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Meaning of UNBENDING in English
  1. incapable of adapting or changing to meet circumstances
  2. Of unbend
  3. Not bending; not suffering flexure; not yielding to pressure; stiff;
  4. Unyielding in will; not subject to persuasion or influence; inflexible; resolute;
  5. Unyielding in nature; unchangeable; fixed;
  6. Devoted to relaxation or amusement.
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UNBENDING Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "UNBENDING": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "Valour unbending"
    - This term unbending was used by Ralph Waldo Emerson in the Poem Give all to love.

  2. "Needing need with honesty unbending"
    - This term unbending was used by Sonata K108.By Domenico Scarlatti. Performed by in the Poem Life sings with an extraordinary passion.

  3. "Unbending"
    - This term unbending was used by Jen Cagle in the Poem When a heart says goodbye - poem.

Usage of "UNBENDING" in sentences

  1. "An unbending will to dominate"

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