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Meaning of TIME in English
  1. The period at which any definite event occurred, or person lived; age; period; era; as, the Spanish Armada was destroyed in the time of Queen Elizabeth;
  2. Tense.
  3. To keep or beat time; to proceed or move in time.
  4. The duration of one's life; the hours and days which a person has at his disposal.
  5. A proper time; a season; an opportunity.
  6. Performance or occurrence of an action or event, considered with reference to repetition; addition of a number to itself; repetition; as, to double cloth four times; four times four, or sixteen.
  7. The present life; existence in this world as contrasted with immortal life; definite, as contrasted with infinite, duration.
  8. To pass time; to delay.
  9. Hour of travail, delivery, or parturition.
  10. To appoint the time for; to bring, begin, or perform at the proper season or time; as, he timed his appearance rightly.
  11. Duration, considered independently of any system of measurement or any employment of terms which designate limited portions thereof.
  12. A particular period or part of duration, whether past, present, or future; a point or portion of duration; as, the time was, or has been; the time is, or will be.
  13. The measured duration of sounds; measure; tempo; rate of movement; rhythmical division; as, common or triple time; the musician keeps good time.
  14. To regulate as to time; to accompany, or agree with, in time of movement.
  15. To ascertain or record the time, duration, or rate of; as, to time the speed of horses, or hours for workmen.
  16. To measure, as in music or harmony.
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