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Meaning of THOUGHT in English
  1. Of think
  2. Imp. & p. p. of think.
  3. The act of thinking; the exercise of the mind in any of its higher forms; reflection; cogitation.
  4. Meditation; serious consideration.
  5. That which is thought; an idea; a mental conception, whether an opinion, judgment, fancy, purpose, or intention.
  6. Solicitude; anxious care; concern.
  7. A small degree or quantity; a trifle; as, a thought longer; a thought better.

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THOUGHT has been recently used in news headlines. Please see the examples below
Examples and usage of THOUGHT in a sentence

To better understand the meaning of THOUGHT, certain examples of its usage are presented.Examples from famous English prose on the use of the word THOUGHT

  1. "He also thought he had been called a muggle, whatever that was"

    The word/phrase 'thought' was used by 'J. K. Rowling' in 'Harry potter and the sorcerer's stone'.
  2. "Well, i just thought"

    'J. K. Rowling' has used the thought in the novel Harry potter and the sorcerer's stone.
  3. "The potters knew very well what he and petunia thought about6 them and their kind"

    To understand the meaning of thought, please see the following usage by J. K. Rowling in Harry potter and the sorcerer's stone.
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