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Meaning of TEMPERATE in English
  1. not extreme in behavior
  2. (of weather or climate) free from extremes; mild; or characteristic of such weather or climate
  3. not extreme
  4. Moderate; not excessive; as, temperate heat; a temperate climate.
  5. Not marked with passion; not violent; cool; calm; as, temperate language.
  6. Moderate in the indulgence of the natural appetites or passions; as, temperate in eating and drinking.
  7. Proceeding from temperance.
  8. To render temperate; to moderate; to soften; to temper.
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TEMPERATE Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "TEMPERATE": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "The reason firm, the temperate will"
    - This term temperate was used by William Wordsworth in the Poem Perfect woman.

  2. "Thou art more lovely and more temperate"
    - This term temperate was used by William Shakespeare in the Poem Sonnet i.

  3. "Lying in the temperate sand"
    - This term temperate was used by Connie Tucker in the Poem Liquid angels - poem.

Usage of "TEMPERATE" in sentences

  1. "Temperate in his habits"

  2. "Temperate in his eating and drinking"

  3. "A temperate region"

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