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Meaning of TAXONOMY in English
  1. a classification of organisms into groups based on similarities of structure or origin etc
  2. (biology) study of the general principles of scientific classification
  3. practice of classifying plants and animals according to their presumed natural relationships
  4. That division of the natural sciences which treats of the classification of animals and plants; the laws or principles of classification.
  5. The systematic classification of living things or organisms. kingdoms of living organisms are divided into groups (taxa) to show degrees of similarity or presumed evolutionary relationships, with the higher categories being larger, more inclusive, and more broadly defined, and the lower categories being more restricted, with fewer species more closely related. the divisions below kingdom are, in descending order: phylum, class, order, family, genus, species, and subspecies (variety). infra- and supra- or sub- and super- categories can be used when needed; additional categories, such as tribe, section, level, group, etc., are also used.
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