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Meaning of TARGET in English
  1. The pattern or arrangement of a series of hits made by a marksman on a butt or mark; as, he made a good target.
  2. The sliding crosspiece, or vane, on a leveling staff.
  3. A conspicuous disk attached to a switch lever to show its position, or for use as a signal.
  4. A kind of small shield or buckler, used as a defensive weapon in war.
  5. A butt or mark to shoot at, as for practice, or to test the accuracy of a firearm, or the force of a projectile.
  6. An object fixed as goal or point of examination.

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Examples and usage of TARGET in a sentence

To better understand the meaning of TARGET, certain examples of its usage are presented.Examples from famous English prose on the use of the word TARGET

  1. "She can pierce any target she will, but not our hero's heart"

    The word/phrase 'target' was used by 'Rabindranath Tagore' in 'Chitra - a play in one act'.
  2. "Carrying several kinds of specie and a single knife, he was a juicy target"

    'Toni Morrison' has used the target in the novel A mercy.
TARGET usage in Proverbs/Idioms
Usage of "TARGET": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "I've told my target"
    - This term target was used by Manali Oak in the Poem Pursuing my inner self.

  2. "Keep your eye on the target"
    - This term target was used by R. Lee C. in the Poem Scorpions eye.

  3. "Who is the target of all killers"
    - This term target was used by Kathcissyn Lestrange Howard Boleyn Tudor in the Poem Death's call - poem.

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