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Meaning of TACHOMETER in English
  1. measuring instrument for indicating speed of rotation
  2. An instrument for measuring the velocity, or indicating changes in the velocity, of a moving body or substance.
  3. An instrument for measuring the velocity of running water in a river or canal, consisting of a wheel with inclined vanes, which is turned by the current. the rotations of the wheel are recorded by clockwork.
  4. An instrument for showing at any moment the speed of a revolving shaft, consisting of a delicate revolving conical pendulum which is driven by the shaft, and the action of which by change of speed moves a pointer which indicates the speed on a graduated dial.
  5. An instrument for measuring the velocity of the blood; a haematachometer.
  6. An instrument for measuring speed or rate; revolutions of a shaft, heart rate (cardiotachometer), arterial blood flow (hemotachometer), respiratory gas flow (pneumotachometer).
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