Meaning of SIZZLE in Hindi

Meaning of SIZZLE in English
  1. A hissing sound, as of something frying over a fire.
  2. To make a hissing sound; to fry, or to dry and shrivel up, with a hissing sound.
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  1. Siddharth, Fernando sizzle

Usage of "SIZZLE": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "Its sizzle can enthrall you; its flickering flames entrance you."
    - This term sizzle was used by Lori Naumann in the Poem Love Poem.

  2. "All sizzle and steam,"
    - This term sizzle was used by Harry Boslem in the Poem Devil Doll - Poem.

  3. "They sizzle and melt into tears And evaporate into a vapor - invisible By that time,"
    - This term sizzle was used by Gabrielle Formoso in the Poem Patterns of a Snowflake - Poem.

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