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Meaning of SATURATE in English
  1. infuse or fill completely
  2. cause (a chemical compound, vapour, solution, magnetic material) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance
  3. To cause to become completely penetrated, impregnated, or soaked; to fill fully; to sate.
  4. To satisfy the affinity of; to cause to become inert by chemical combination with all that it can hold; as, to saturate phosphorus with chlorine.
  5. Filled to repletion; saturated; soaked.
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SATURATE Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "SATURATE": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "As i saturate my prayers to the moon mirrored sea"
    - This term saturate was used by Connie Tucker in the Poem Liquid angels - poem.

  2. "Not to saturate want to explore many more through my moves"
    - This term saturate was used by Amol C. Ambilwade in the Poem Saga of life.......

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