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Meaning of RAMBLE in English
  1. an aimless amble on a winding course
  2. continue talking or writing in a desultory manner
  3. move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment
  4. To walk, ride, or sail, from place to place, without any determinate object in view; to roam carelessly or irregularly; to rove; to wander; as, to ramble about the city; to ramble over the world.
  5. To talk or write in a discursive, aimless way.
  6. To extend or grow at random.
  7. A going or moving from place to place without any determinate business or object; an excursion or stroll merely for recreation.
  8. A bed of shale over the seam.
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RAMBLE Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "RAMBLE": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "Can't be too hard for me; four lines of meaningless ramble"
    - This term ramble was used by Alejandro X in the Poem Four lines.

  2. "For i know; im smart doctors solely ramble in a mass roar"
    - This term ramble was used by Dezrea Iver in the Poem I love my child - poem.

  3. "Pleased to watch and wonder as we ramble"
    - This term ramble was used by Down by the in the Poem Here among the savages.

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