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Meaning of RADIANT in English
  1. radiating or as if radiating light
  2. Emitting or proceeding as from a center; resembling rays; radiating; radiate.
  3. Especially, emitting or darting rays of light or heat; issuing in beams or rays; beaming with brightness; emitting a vivid light or splendor; as, the radiant sun.
  4. Beaming with vivacity and happiness; as, a radiant face.
  5. Giving off rays;
  6. Having a raylike appearance, as the large marginal flowers of certain umbelliferous plants;
  7. The luminous point or object from which light emanates; also, a body radiating light brightly.
  8. A straight line proceeding from a given point, or fixed pole, about which it is conceived to revolve.
  9. The point in the heavens at which the apparent paths of shooting stars meet, when traced backward, or whence they appear to radiate.
  10. Giving out rays.
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RADIANT Sentence, Example and Usage

Examples and usage of RADIANT in prose and poetry

To better understand the meaning of RADIANT, certain examples of its usage are presented.Examples from famous English prose on the use of the word RADIANT

  1. "It was all very odd; tonks, beside him, looked simply radiant"

    The word/phrase 'radiant' was used by 'J. K. Rowling' in 'Harry potter and the deathly hallows'.
  2. "After i had offered worship and received worship my sin became radiant"

    'Rabindranath Tagore' has used the radiant in the novel The home and the world.
  3. "He was smiling, beaming, and his whole figure was radiant with happiness"

    To understand the meaning of radiant, please see the following usage by Anton Chekhov in The stories of anton chekhov.
Usage of "RADIANT": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "So radiant and bright"
    - This term radiant was used by Lord Herbert of Cherbury in the Poem Elegy over a tomb.

  2. "With radiant feet the tissued clouds down stearing"
    - This term radiant was used by John Milton in the Poem Hymn on the morning of christ's nativity.

  3. "Upon that white and radiant crew"
    - This term radiant was used by Abraham Cowley in the Poem On the death of mr. william hervey.

Usage of "RADIANT" in sentences

  1. "They have radiant heating"

  2. "A radiant sunrise"

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