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Meaning of PROSTITUTE in English
  1. a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money
  2. sell one's body; exchange sex for money
  3. To offer, as a woman, to a lewd use; to give up to lewdness for hire.
  4. To devote to base or unworthy purposes; to give up to low or indiscriminate use; as, to prostitute talents; to prostitute official powers.
  5. Openly given up to lewdness; devoted to base or infamous purposes.
  6. A woman giver to indiscriminate lewdness; a strumpet; a harlot.
  7. A base hireling; a mercenary; one who offers himself to infamous employments for hire.
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PROSTITUTE Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "PROSTITUTE": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "Made prostitute and profligate the muse"
    - This term prostitute was used by John Dryden in the Poem Ode.

  2. "And prostitute affection so"
    - This term prostitute was used by Sir Robert Ayton in the Poem To an inconstant one.

Usage of "PROSTITUTE" in sentences

  1. "The prostitute is street-walking every night"

  2. "The prostitute had a record a mile long"

  3. "He was solicited by a prostitute"

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