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Meaning of PRIOR in English
  1. the head of a religious order; in an abbey the prior is next below the abbot
  2. earlier in time
  3. Preceding in the order of time; former; antecedent; anterior; previous; as, a prior discovery; prior obligation;
  4. The superior of a priory, and next below an abbot in dignity.

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PRIOR Sentence Example and Usage

PRIOR has been recently used in news headlines. Please see the examples belowExamples and usage of PRIOR in prose and poetry

To better understand the meaning of PRIOR, certain examples of its usage are presented.Examples from famous English prose on the use of the word PRIOR

  1. "Prior incantato! roared mr. diggory"

    The word/phrase 'prior' was used by 'J. K. Rowling' in 'Harry potter and the goblet of fire'.
Usage of "PRIOR" in sentences

  1. "Surgeons must scrub prior to an operation"

  2. "This step presupposes two prior ones"

  3. "The dentist gave her a local anesthetic prior to the extraction"

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