Meaning of POLL in Hindi

Meaning of poll in Hindi
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Meaning of POLL in English
  1. A parrot;
  2. One who does not try for honors, but is content to take a degree merely; a passman.
  3. The head; the back part of the head.
  4. A number or aggregate of heads; a list or register of heads or individuals.
  5. Specifically, the register of the names of electors who may vote in an election.
  6. The casting or recording of the votes of registered electors; as, the close of the poll.
  7. The place where the votes are cast or recorded; as, to go to the polls.
  8. The broad end of a hammer; the but of an ax.
  9. The european chub. see pollard, 3 (a).
  10. To remove the poll or head of; hence, to remove the top or end of; to clip; to lop; to shear; as, to poll the head; to poll a tree.
  11. To cut off; to remove by clipping, shearing, etc.; to mow or crop;
  12. To extort from; to plunder; to strip.
  13. To impose a tax upon.
  14. To pay as one's personal tax.
  15. To enter, as polls or persons, in a list or register; to enroll, esp. for purposes of taxation; to enumerate one by one.
  16. To register or deposit, as a vote; to elicit or call forth, as votes or voters; as, he polled a hundred votes more than his opponent.
  17. To cut or shave smooth or even; to cut in a straight line without indentation; as, a polled deed. see dee/ poll.
  18. To vote at an election.
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Usage of "POLL": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "Life isn't under my control i'm losing hope i'm losing poll"
    - This term poll was used by Samantha Backus in the Poem Losing myself - poem.

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