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Meaning of ONSLAUGHT in English
  1. a sudden and severe onset of trouble
  2. the rapid and continuous delivery of linguistic communication (spoken or written)
  3. (military) an offensive against an enemy (using weapons)
  4. An attack; an onset; esp., a furious or murderous attack or assault.
  5. A bloody fray or battle.
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ONSLAUGHT Sentence, Example and Usage

Usage of "ONSLAUGHT": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "Heavy odds and heavy onslaught, gun to gun and face to face"
    - This term onslaught was used by John McCrae in the Poem The captain.

  2. "Your verbal onslaught cut like a knife"
    - This term onslaught was used by Harry Boslem in the Poem The storm - poem.

Usage of "ONSLAUGHT" in sentences

  1. "Fight off the onslaught"

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