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Meaning of OMIT in English
  1. leave undone or leave out
  2. prevent from being included or considered or accepted
  3. To let go; to leave unmentioned; not to insert or name; to drop.
  4. To pass by; to forbear or fail to perform or to make use of; to leave undone; to neglect.
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OMIT Sentence, Example and Usage

Examples and usage of OMIT in prose and poetry

To better understand the meaning of OMIT, certain examples of its usage are presented.Examples from famous English prose on the use of the word OMIT

  1. "Life wants padding, said mr. vincy, unable to omit his portable theory"

    The word/phrase 'omit' was used by 'George Eliot' in 'Middlemarch'.
Usage of "OMIT": Examples from famous English Poetry

  1. "And i must not omit to say"
    - This term omit was used by Robert Browning in the Poem The pied piper of hamelin.

  2. "She does not omit her punctuations"
    - This term omit was used by Elora-Krysty Ekwa in the Poem Quid pro quo.

Usage of "OMIT" in sentences

  1. "A common syntax error is to omit a parenthesis"

  2. "She edited the letters of the politician so as to omit the most personal passages"

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